I´ve posted in my blog many tutorials and how to´s witch are not mine. unfortunately i dont know name of autors or links on its original website coz i´ve stored these in my pc for long time. If You will find your work and u dont want me to publish it or u wish to publish your name/website, kindly send me note under its post.
Thank You.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Make a basket out of plastic bags

tutorial over here

Turn eye shadow into nail polish

tutorial in here

Hollow Out A Light Bulb

tutorial over here

string lamp

taken from this website

fun with foam

taken frm here


whole tutorial in here

newspaper tree

bigger photo in here

Ideas for Recycling Toilet Rolls

pear made from light bulb

pompom rug

whole tutorial in here

snuggly owl by Ashley Johnston

Very nice tutorial over here

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

turn tights into legins

Whole tutorial over here

Re-purposing: Women’s Knit Shirt into Dress

Gotta make this one asap!!!
Tutorial in here

Recycled Layered T-Shirt

so many possibilities OMG!!!! :D
Tutorial in here

baby blocks

Very nice... so many options... certenly cheeper then baby toys ;)
Tutorial over here

ruffled crib skirt

tutorial over here

finishing the top of the zip

get it here

baby legins

here is whole tutorials

stretchy shiring

Always wanted to try this... now i can :D
Tutorial in here

fleece pants

free PDF over here

V-neck into Gathered Cowl Collar

Tutorial in here

letting out pants

Muhehe :D if i knew that before, i wouldnt throw away that many jeans...
Tutorial over here

make shirt look better!

So cute! Tutorial in here

shirt+pants repurpose

This is more then great idea!!!! am gonna make some of these soon :)
Tutorial over here

stroller recover

OMG!!! i need to learn this!

how to recover baby things

tutorials over here


tutorial over here

pendant flower

tutorial in here

beaded bead east

Cute pattern made by Vika Osadchenko.
Tutorial in here


Cute pattern made by Vyolina
Whole pattern in here

cellini spiral

i think this is one of the best tutorials for cellini...
here it is ;)


pattern in here


very nice and easy to do!
czech tutorial over here

beaded bead

tutorial in czech language but u can get it from potos easily ;)

air necklace

nice tutorial in here

russian snake stitch

very nice and easy stitch!
tutorial over here

strawberry necklace

oooh i just feel like summer is here! ;)
tutorial in here

Zig-Zagging Cellini Spiral Beadwoven Bracelet

very nice tutorial over here

peyote flower

taken from here

chain maille tutorials

click here to see them all

russian spiral "accordeon"

taken from here

russian spiral

taken from here

resille tubulaire spiral

taken from here


whole tutorial in here

crochet hump rope

wow! just wow! :D 
nice tutorial over here

triangle patterns

more in here