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social media buttons

Recently am searching for how to make my blog more stylish... i realized that am missing some social media buttons. Honestly i dont know alot about html but this is more then easy! All what u need is buttons witch u gonna add to your blog. U can create those in Photoshop for example or u might search for free social networks buttons.
Here and here is some free packs with pretty cool stuff so if u dont have time to make your own, go ahead :)

Now go into your dashboard and click add a gadget. Then hit html gadget...

here is sample of my add. first line is for your URL that you want that button to link to. Second line is for the url of the image you want. Be sure u replace just red script !!!

<a href="http://noonjewellery.blogspot.com/" target="_blank"><img 
src="http://a.dryicons.com/images/icon_sets/socialize_part_2_icons_set/png/48x48/blogger.png" /></a>

And here is the result:             

in case u wanna add email button there is little change in first line:
<a href="mailto:ur email here" target="_blank"><img 

Now just click save and ur done :) 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

spiral ride

like a bird

little lanterns

bellydance bra

B&W triangle

3 in 1

can be used also as necklace or belt ;)

crochet & beaded balls


crochet and beading 

red triangle


blue triangle


candy land



watter drops

mesh mash