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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

painted roll

1. prepare 6eggs, sugar and flour

2. make dough from half egg (separate yolk from white then grab half of each), one spoon of cacao and three spoons of flour.

3. put dough in to plastic bag and cut out small hole in the corner.
4. paint with dough on baking paper then put for one hour in to freezer.
 If you dont know how to paint, u may put some pattern under the paper

5. After one hour beat egg whites (5,5) with 120g of sugar in to foam. Then add yolks (5,5), stir well, in the end add 80g of flour. 

6. take of baking paper from freezer. 

7. put the mixture on paper. Preheat oven on 180°C and bake 7-10min. When finished, let it cool out - don't roll it!

8. u may use as filling combination of whipped cream and fruit. Or if u have your own cream, go on :) 

9. spread little bit of jam before u add the filling! 

10. roll it carefully over

12. tadaaaa :)  looks yummy, doesn't it :)

recipe founded and translated from here

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